New for Spring, the Fearne British Wool Collection is a beautiful new addition to our range.  The Fearne is a generously sized stole perfect for wrapping up against the elements. Woven from 100% British Wool, at our mill here in the Scottish Borders.

British Wool

Traditionally we source our wool from across the globe. We use only yarns of the highest quality in our textile production process. Typically, British wool is used more in tweeds and interior textiles, as softer, finer wool qualities sourced further afield are used for clothing and accessories. The Fearne British Wool Collection has been developed from a softer blend of British wool. This is an innovative step in bringing traditional Scottish manufacturing together with British wool, sourced and spun here in the UK.

The British wool in the Fearne is spun from a blend of fibres from Blue faced Leicester wool and Masham wool. Both these wools come from sheep with long, lustrous wool, bred throughout Britain, primarily in the north of England. We are delighted to have developed this new textile quality using British wool, soft enough for a Lochcarron of Scotland stole and proudly made in Scotland.

Corrie Blossom check weaving on the loom

Corrie Sage Stole knotted to Cranston Blossom Stole in production on the loom

Cranston Blossom Stole weaving on the loom


Made in Scotland

Our heritage dates back to 1947, so there are decades of expertise woven into every cloth our looms produce and every garment our talented craftspeople create. Our designers take inspiration from everything from works of art to the great outdoors. For our British Wool Collection it's only fitting that the inspiration for the designs was the British landscape itself. The Blossom and Sage colourways feature a natural palette of greens and purples. Within the collection is the Cranston, an oversized check and the Corrie, a houndstooth check. Both the Cranston and Corrie checks are available in the Blossom and Sage colourways.

Cranston Sage and Corrie Blossom stoles on two models The Fearne British Wool Cranston Sage Stole & the Corrie Blossom Stole.

Since the beginning of our journey, our fabrics have been expertly woven at our Scottish Border's mill. We are delighted to introduce the Fearne British Wool Collection, woven in Scotland from wool sourced and spun in Britain.