This year marks the 50th anniversary of Riding for the Disabled Association, a charity providing therapy through horses to over 25,000 disabled children and adults. The RDA offers the chance to develop skills and have fun through activities such as carriage driving and horse riding. With almost 500 RDA centres and the support of 18,000 volunteers, the charity does tremendous work throughout the UK. Here at Lochcarron of Scotland, we're proud to be part of the celebrations!

Going Bright For 50 Years of RDA

To celebrate this momentous 50-year anniversary, we created the official Riding for the Disabled Association tartan. Our Tartan Design Service allows us to create bespoke tartans for events and causes like the RDA. The first stage in tartan creation is with our in-house designers, who selected yarn colours that work for the charity. In addition, the design team considered how the organisation will utilise this tartan, for example, in accessories such as the RDA scarves. Bright and bold, we designed the official tartan to incorporate the green of the RDA logo, representing their wonderful work. The bright green features alongside blue, pink and yellow in a colourful celebration of the charity.

RDA Blue & Green Tartan Scarf with RDA & Lochcarron of Scotland Logo


Weaving The RDA Tartan - Behind The Scenes

We are delighted to share a behind the scenes look at the production of the official RDA tartan. The tartan is produced here at our mill in Selkirk, in the heart of the Scottish Borders. The images below provide a glimpse of a few stages in creating this celebratory tartan.

Firstly, our colourful yarns are wrapped onto the warp mill -  the warp makes up the length of the fabric - the Suzuki warp mill, pictured here, works by winding one thread at a time around the drum until the width of the warp is made up.

Blue & Green Yarn On The Warp Mill at Warping Stage

The Official RDA Tartan in Production at Lochcarron of Scotland's Mill in Selkirk

Next up, the bright and bold RDA tartan in production on the loom.

Pictured above, the back view of the loom shows the length of colourful yarns - the warp -as it's fed into the loom. On the front of the loom, pictured below, the weft threads are drawn across the width of the warp and interlace to create the tartan - this is the weaving process.

The Official RDA Tartan at Lochcarron of Scotland Weaving on the Loom

The Official RDA Tartan by Lochcarron of Scotland being Darned by Hand

Following on from the weaving is darning, pictured above. At this stage in the process, we check our lengths of tartan by hand. Through from selecting our yarns to the finishing stage, the time and craftsmanship invested in our manufacturing ensures the bespoke tartans we produce are of the highest standard and quality.

Launching The Tartan

Earlier this year, the RDA presented Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne - president of the RDA - with the official tartan. RDA volunteers and participants were in attendance at the Edinburgh ceremony to mark the anniversary and of course to launch the celebratory tartan. The RDA will continue their anniversary celebrations with events throughout the year.

Princess Anne being presented with the official RDA Tartan Picture Copyright Chris Watt

At Lochcarron of Scotland we are so proud to have created the RDA anniversary tartan.

You can support this wonderful charity by purchasing a tartan scarf, contact for more information. To find out more about the RDA and their mission of enriching lives through horses click here

To learn more about our Tartan Design Service click here.